Laughing Eye Weeping Eye
(LEYE WEYE) transports you to another place, perhaps inside a medieval church with ghosts, gnomes, and angels, or to a magick ceremony with fire-breathing serpents. Channeling old spirits into new forms, their music expands the language of vocals, harmonium, synth, and various instruments from around the world. LEYE WEYE released their second LP, Beway in June 2013 on Hairy Spider Legs. Their previous releases include Where Snakes & Seers Go (LP, 2011), and Lies The Shadow (EP, 2010). They have toured nationally since 2010, sharing bills with Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat dan Singa, Spires That in the Sunset Rise, The Cherry Blossoms, Circuit des Yeux, Happy Jawbone Family Band, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Mind Over Mirrors, Ashley Paul, Ruby Fray, and others.

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"Beway achieves, in various forms, a sonorous, bewitching, and intrepidly daring level of sui generis noisemaking, carving out an odd, medieval-y quirk of a niche that the muse of wildest Canterbury must have reserved especially for them.... Beway is close to astonishing.... there simply won’t be anything like it heard this year." - Dave Cantrell, Caught in the Carousel

"Get medieval, indulge in the rites and rituals of Summer and turn back those hands of time with Laughing Eye Weeping Eye with their pagan-pageantry for Beway. The duo of Rebecca Schoenecker and Patrick Holbrook craft a call from the metaphysics of the ancients." - Sjimon Gompers, Impose Magazine

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"... every now and then, something really weird comes along and sweeps me off my feet, smothering me with smooches. That’s Laughing Eye Weeping Eye. This shit is wacky as fuck and it’s the only time I’ve deemed “freak folk” an appropriate & relevant descriptor." - Anti-Gravity Bunny

"LEWE is intriguing for how it avoids freak folk mainstays like the blues and 60s folk, instead channeling a new set of sources yet to be tapped by any weirdos I've come across in the contemporary moment.... Weird like the vocals. Schoenecker's creepy chirps, sighing glissandos, whiney drones and operatic falsettos. Weird like the instrumentation, pumped with a heavy dose of harmonium, harps, hand-claps and horns, tambourines, bells, flutes and fiddles (NOT violins...), etc. ...Where Snakes & Seers Go triumphs due to the fact that it's a good band, doing weird things in weird new ways, and doing all of those things quite weirdly-well. They make an unbearably creepy voice listenable, relatable. They put that voice into charming, inventive songs. Some of those songs are actually very, very beautiful—"River of Golden Treasures" is sleeping-tune mixtape worthy with its gorgeous, humbling melodic meditations. Overall, great new band..." - Tome to the Weather Machine

"a tale where words celebrate, commune, play, enchant, make potions and color the ride you're taken on, where sounds make the unreal become reality… and the more i hear and feel, i grow a tail, some nice horns; i begin to twist and clap but mostly want to meow." - microphones in the trees

"Inspired by folk music and gospel singing, the music of Laughing Eye Weeping Eye sounds like little else around at the moment, blissful melodies sung and chanted, screamed and wailed, over a droning harmonium, handclaps, loops and toy instruments. Contrast the sweetness of album opener “Venus” with the shamanic vibe of “Chant”, the former almost a hymn, sung beautifully, whilst the latter sees the vocals wailed like banshees, bringing to mind Larkin Grimm or Tara Burke. The rest of the album moves between these points, always interesting, filled with imagination, and well worth you time with “On The Path”, “River of Golden Treasures” and “Aye Yai Yai Yai” being particular favourites, the first of these sounding exactly like The Cherry Blossoms, so much so in fact that I had to check the personnel on each album to see if there was a connection, there isn't. Containing that same strange mystical vibe as early Incredible String Band offerings, “Where Snakes and Seers Go” is a collection of songs that will curl up in your heart until it becomes an old friend." - Terrascope

"... the voices begin to tremble together and form overtones and shamanic inspirations. This is created from a special, rather magical atmosphere, which is held strongly and similarly throughout the album." -

Laughing Eye Weeping Eye performances are akin to watching a vaudevillian story-teller in a medival church with gospel singers, gnomes, and goats. Bandmates in this lifetime and gurus in another, Chicagoans Rebecca Schoenecker and Patrick Holbrook create a multi-faceted experience that incorporates harmonium, looped vocals, toy instruments, visuals, and effects. Inspired by folk music and spiritual singing, LEWE creates songbooks for audience members so that they may sing along. On occasion, the bliss of this act has led to singing in tongues



September 15 Lawrence KS @ The Gaslight Tavern
With The Ovaries-eez, Trabajo and Mezzanine Swimmers

September 12 Denver @ Daikou Pop-Up: Colfax
With Of Earth And Sun

September 11 Omaha @ O'Leaver's
With Caravat and L. Eugene Methe

September 10 Des Moines @ Des Moines Social Club
With Big Digital, Trabajo and Mezzanine Swimmers

September 9 Chicago @ Space Oddities
With Trabajo, Mezzanine Swimmers, and Wage

August 18 Indianapolis @ Joyful Noise
With Shame Thugs and John Flannelly

August 17 Pittsburgh @ Brillobox
With The Garment District and Jackie McDowell

August 15 Cleveland @ Guide To Kulchur
With Amanda R Howland and Ilza

August 14 Detroit @ PJ's Lager House
With St. Zita, Clyde Moop, and Alex Tedesco

August 2 Milwaukee @ Circle A
With Pleasure Thief

June 21 Minneapolis @ Madame
With The Velveteens, Breakaway, and Todd Luffa

June 20 Madison @ Shockrasonica
With Spires That In The Sunset Rise, Amoebageddon, and Autographite

May 31 Milwaukee
Awaken The Mystic

May 6 Chicago The Burlington
With Matchess, Divine Circles, and Elisa Faires

March 15 Chicago Church of Templehead
With Columba Fasciata, Giant Squid Autopsy, and Geb the Great Cackler

February 15 Louisville Greenhaus
With Dane Waters

February 14 Knoxville The Birdhouse
With Tatras, Oostanaula, and Dead Man's Lifestyle

February 13 Greensboro TYP House
With Three Brained Robot, Knives of Spain and Miah Luz

February 10 Asheville The Odditorium
With The Judas Horse, Elisa Faires, and Knives of Spain

February 9 Atlanta The Mammal Gallery
With Tantrum, and Amy Godwin, and Chris Childs

February 8 Nashville Friends Meeting
With The Cherry Blossoms, Mind Over Mirrors, and Matt Christensen

February 7 Bloomington IN Ggghost House
With Bad Psychic and Sir Deja Doog

January 28 Chicago Township
With Sundance Kids, I Love You,
and XO Infinity

January 5 Chicago Saki
With The Humminbird and Moon Bros.


September 19 Chicago Comfort Station
With Diane Cluck

July 9 Chicago Hungry Brain
With Alloy Fox, The Tinycakes, and Hannis Pannis

June 29 Bloomington IN The Bitchyard Two
With Sitar Outreach Ministry and e.a. strother

June 28 Cincinnati Lyons Den
With Molly Sullivan and Healing Trapeze

June 27 Pittsburgh The Shop
With Great Blue Heron, Hunted Creatures, and Burnout Warcry

June 26 Philadelphia The Thrift Store
With Divine Intervention Now, Geb the Great Cackler, and Vita and the Woolf

June 24 Brooklyn Silent Barn
With Ashley Paul, Lazurite, and Dean Cercone

June 23 Providence RI AS220
With Vio/Miré and Centella

June 22 Allston MA DZ
With Dark Rodeo, Vio/Miré, and Hyena

June 21 Biddeford ME The Oak and the Ax
With Vio/Miré and Hersey State

June 18 Northampton MA King St Manor
With Happy Jawbone Family Band and Bird Names

June 17 Rochester NY Visual Studies Workshop
With Pegacide, Hieronymus A. Bogs, and Ben Morey

June 16 Lakewood OH Mahall's 20 Lanes
With Istvan Medgyesi and darkmatter::whitefire

June 15 Hamtramck MI Popps Packing
With April In The Orange and Alex Tedesco

May 27 Chicago Schuba's
With Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat dan Singa and Toupée

April 4 Chicago The Empty Bottle
With Spires That In The Sunset Rise, The Cherry Blossoms, and Ora Cogan.


August 4 Dragon Lady Lounge Chicago
With Regular Fucked Up People, Yes Yes, and Peace Season

July 27 Eel Space Chicago
With Ruby Fray and The Humminbird

July 10 Hungry Brain Chicago
With The Singleman Affair

June 8 - The Waffle House Portland
With Marmits and WHITMAN

June 5 - Sonoma Coffee Berkeley
With Annah Anti-Palindrome and Ruby Mountain

June 2 - HM157 Los Angeles
With Nora Keyes, Detective, Azalia Snail,
and The Mystic Krewe of the Clove N' Hoof

May 21 - The Empty Bottle Chicago
With Arrington De Dionyso and Thollem Mcdonas

April 28 - Circle A Milwaukee
With Cary Grace

March 17 - Eel Space Chicago
With The VonVolsung Sisters, Jacques Hammer and Wanda Drug, and Hannis Pannis

Jan 13 - The Ream, Bloomington IN
With The VonVolsung Sisters and John Flannelly

Jan 12 - Springwater Nashville
With The Cherry Blossoms and Grandpa Egg

Jan 11 - Little Kings Shuffle Club, Athens GA
With Future Ape Tapes, Bubbly Mommy Gun, and Basshunter64

Jan 9 - Communication Museum Charleston SC
With Yes Yes, Jane Roberts, and Those Lavender Whales

Jan 8 - BoBo Gallery Asheville
With Pilgrim and The Neapolitan Children

Jan 7 - Rohs Street Cafe Cincinnati
With Healing Trapeze, Umin, and Grandpa Egg


Sep 12 - The Empty Bottle Chicago
With Magic Key, Sally Paradise + Félix de l'Étoile

Aug 31 - Pancho's Chicago
With Rote, Academy Records, and Yes Yes

Aug 9 - Ball Hall Chicago
With Unicorns In The Snow, Solace Media Corporation, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, and Edwin Perry.

Jun 18 - The Shop, Pittsburgh
With Robin Vote, Dean Cercone, and more

Jun 17 - Highwire Gallery Philadelphia
With Fursaxa, Sharron Kraus, and Weyes Blood

Jun 16 - The Tribal House, Baltimore
With Fursaxa, Sharron Kraus, and Weyes Blood

Jun 15 - The Silent Barn NYC
With Weyes Blood and Angels in America

Jun 13 - La Baraque Montréal
With Félix de l'Étoile, Furthuur, Les Vagines, and Inphant

Jun 12 - Placebo Space Toronto
With Vanessa Hanson, Isla Craig, and Félix de l'Étoile

Jun 11 - Soundlab Buffalo
With Yes Yes and Cinnamon Aluminum

Jun 10 - Trumbullplex Detroit
With RPM Puppet Conspiracy

Jun 7 - The Empty Bottle Chicago
With Wildbirds & Peacedrums and Jaime Rojo

Apr 23 - Madame, Minneapolis
With Goatflower, Dust Buns, and Kevin Cosgrove

Apr 16 - Roxaboxen, Chicago
With Goatflower and Rollin Hunt


Dec 22 - The Empty Bottle Chicago
With Circuit Des Yeux and E.T. Habit

Sep 30 - The Empty Bottle Chicago
With Avagami and Disposable Thumbs

Aug 7 - Zebulon Brooklyn
With Winston Troy

Aug 6 - Green Line Cafe Philadelphia
With Winston Troy and The Great Swamp

Jun 18 - Circle A Milwuakee
With Spires That In The Sunset Rise

May 10 - Empty Bottle Chicago
With Winston Troy, Plastic Crimewave and Angel Olsen