Rebecca Schoenecker I create works through weaving, embroidery, printmaking, drawing, painting, and animation. Embroidering my drawings onto vintage found fabrics, such as table runners and doilies, I create unusual character and object driven narratives. As a printmaker painter, and animator, I produce brightly colored images and stories of personas in flux. I am inspired by old objects and places that tell stories: Antique and thrift stores, old creepy dolls with moving eyes, fabrics with stains, bright coloring books, marionettes, old buildings, fables, fairytales, and ghosts. I create iconic, anthropomorphized characters. They are creatures that understand the power of their beauty. They are both trapped by it and exalted because it. Intrinsically, the characters search for an identity that parallels that of their physical allure. Without clear distinction between bug and beast, myth and reality, beautiful and disgusting, the characters are torn between all-powerful and completely incapable. The search for identity is exposed. Ideals are altered; as an embroiderer, I change the meaning of decorative objects by imposing new stories onto them. As a storyteller, I create personalities searching for beauty and balance within dangerous landscapes.