I create music and read Tarot under the name Laughing Eye Weeping Eye. The name comes from a folk tale about a little boy who uses his kindness to overcome defiant and tricky spiritual entities. As Laughing Eye Weeping Eye, I channel information from the ethereal into physical form. The Tarot readings I give are divinatory messages, offering guidance, insight, hope, and inspiration.

I became interested in Tarot because it ties together many of the ideas I explore in my creative practice. Spanning cultures and religions, Tarot uses a universal language, exploring themes such as: enlightenment, judgment, resurrection, life, death, the wheel of fate, feminine and masculine power, and love.

I wanted to fully immerse myself in the meaning of Tarot. To bring out its vision, I created my own 78-card deck inspired by the Rider-Waite Tarot. Using a blend of Medieval and animal symbolism, I created the Laughing Eye Weeping Eye Tarot deck, which I use for my readings.

I have always been prone to strong visions, intuitions, and dreams. Laughing Eye Weeping Eye helps guide these visions. As a spirit, LEYE WEYE travels between realms, bringing back incantations and messages from worlds both old and new.


$1.00 per minute

Tarot readings are $1.00 per minute. Individual Tarot appointments need to be scheduled for a minumum of 25 minutes. Appointments are available in Chicago, or through phone, email, or skype.

Get in touch to schedule a reading! leyeweye {at} gmail {dot} com

Phone: 708-465-1064

I also read Tarot at events and teach! Scroll below to see my calendar for public offerings.

The Moon

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Check out the calendar below for my public events!

Interested in learning how to read Tarot? Visit my divination site for card meanings, free tips, and online classes.

The Magician

The Three Fates Mystic Shop

I have my own LEYE WEYE Tarot decks available for sale through the The Three Fates Mystic Shop.


I’ve scheduled a Tarot reading.
How do I prepare?

Can you really predict the future?

How does Tarot work?

Why should I get a Tarot reading?

How do I pay for my Tarot reading?

Do you have a video I can watch?

The Tarot Reader

Carpet alive with timeless time
Laid out like a blanket over an ocean
A desert
The center holds, for now

This is the present tense
To the north, the south
The near and far
What is your question?

The art of the creator
Mixes with the silent known
I wish to know myself
Can I may?
What is your question?

You must find the bridge
I cannot find it for you
You must find the truth
I cannot find it for you
You must find yourself

The art of the creator
Marries with the eye

The card predicts a possibility
The mind predicts a probability
The soul creates creation
She has a hand that speaks

Her lips of ageless


Written by Peter Holbrook
after having his Tarot read by Laughing Eye Weeping Eye

The Hermit
Tarot Spread

"Rebecca is an amazing reader! I felt that her reading offered me the confidence and push I needed to carry me through." - Armand Fields

“Rebecca Schoenecker aka Laughing Eye Weeping Eye is an amazing intuitive, tarot reader and energy worker. I have had the great opportunity of receiving multiple tarot readings from her. Each one provided me with important insight on situations at hand, including my creative professional life as a writer, paving a new spiritual path, and inquiries related to home and travel. I regularly recommend Rebecca/LEYE WEYE to friends and colleagues alike! She is reasonable, kind and highly skilled in spiritual guidance and counseling matters. Rebecca/LEYE WEYE Tarot is for those individuals who are open to knowing the truth.”

-Alicia Eler, Writer


Laughing Eye Weeping Eye has experience reading Tarot at festivals, parties, events, and more! Please contact me for information on event rates:

leyeweye {at} gmail {dot} com

Some past events include:

Tarot readings should not be used in place of mental and physical health supports. Tarot is a powerful tool to use in combination with other services.